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TUSD Ethnic Studies: A Report of My Review of Textbooks and Program


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1/21/2011 8:50 AM RssIcon

Five months ago I requested hard copies of the textbooks and reading lists given to students in Tucson Unified School District's "Raza Ethnic Studies" Program. That program exists in three high schools in TUSD. It consists of a formal class plus an after school MeCHA (Movement of Chicano Students) Program sponsored largely by the same teachers who teach the class. MeCHA posters fill the formal classroom; so it is clear that the programs are tied together. After two or three months of effort, I was finally told that I had to file a request under Arizona's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to receive such copies. Over two months after I had done THAT I still had not been supplied the books. It was only after I wrote threatening to file suit that the books were supplied. I have now reviewed the books and materials I was supplied. I have learned the following: 1) TUSD still did not provide all the books they use, since I have been able able to compare what they provided to me with materials acquired by other interested persons. They appear to supply different books and materials to different people; 2) What they did provide was a showpiece of classical Marxist oriented indoctrination of cultural and political oppression, incessant deprecation of anything not "Chicano," including the US Constitution, capitalism, and European culture. Students are taught that they are part of an oppressed minority of "indigenous" people (how those who are principally Mexican in background are "indigenous to the Southwestern US is not explained), whose lands (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas) have been stolen by the Europeans and should be taken back as a separate "Chicano" nation they call "Atzlan." They want political separation from the US based almost entirely on race and based on a Marxist economic model. Students are taught (sometimes subtly and sometimes expressly) that their "indigenous" culture has been corrupted by the predominant European culture of the US, that "Chicanos" should refuse to assimilate and instead should come together in "colonies" to exercise maximum political power until they are able to retake "Atzlan" as a separate nation--- an explicitly "bronze" nation, incidentally, based almost entirely on racial profiling. In the meantime they should recognize that capitalism is corrupt and they should work towards complete redistribution of wealth; that everyone is entitled to a home, healthcare, reasonably equal income, etc. Presumably Atzlan would be a place where Communism would finally, and happily, flourish. Having read the books the students must read, as well as the Principles and philosophies of MecHa, I found many interesting quotes and facts. First, there is NO book presenting American History generally, nor even the standard view of Southwestern American History---ALL the books speak solely from the point of view of the oppressed "Chicano," with no effort to teach alternative thought or facts. Second, the concepts and language in the materials is, frankly, classic Marxist indoctrination based on oppression and inculcation of hatred of anyone European or who might identify themselves as an American. One of the principal textbooks, neutrally named "Occupied America," teaches that America is nothing more than "conquerors" who have "exploited the conquered" (read "Chicanos"). Indeed, one enlightened student has been quoted as saying that, before taking the class, she "did not know" she was oppressed--but now she does. The author summarizes by saying that "The oppressors, . . . oppress, exploit, and rape by virtue of their power," and that "Only the power that springs from the weakness of the oppressed will be sufficiently strong to free you." In other words, attack the oppressors (read traditional America and Americans) where they are weak and tear them down. Sound good? Another book, entitled "Declarations of Independence" proffers ideas about many important American concepts. Of the US Constitution, the author writes: "In fact, while the Constitution was certainly an improvement over the Royal charters of England, it was still a document drawn up by rich men, merchants, and slaveowners who wanted a bit of political democracy but had no sympathy for economic democracy. It was designed to set up a "rule of law," which would efficiently prevent rebellion by dissatisfied elements inthe population (read oppressed "Chicanos.") Later, having established that this "rule of law" is corrupt, the author then concludes: "Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it." In other words, armed rebellion, whether by terror or otherwise, is just fine. Indeed, he encourages "strikes, boycotts, noncooperation, mass demonstrations and SABOTAGE." Indeed, it is instructive that the very logo of MecHa includes a lit stick of dynamite. How warming. The author states "If the gringo does not get out of our way, we will stampede over him." Of course, says the author, one of the prime reasons for this oppression is that America does not have "equal income." He expressly highlights the teachings of the "higher phase of communist society" which would solve this inequality. He adds that "we don't have to get into complicated arguments about exactly how all things will be distributed. It would be an enormous accomplishment to get agreement that the fundamental requirements of existence ---food, housing, medical care, education, and work---be distributed according to need." In his opinion, the "drive for profit is ruthless," and such concepts have created "terrible human consequences." He states that the better alternative is the "ideal of communism---a classless society of equal abundance for all . . . ." In sum, he opines that "Only when wealth is equalized (at least roughly) will liberty be equalized." These are just some of the facts pertaining to TUSD's Ethnic Studies Program and MecHa. There is much, much more. These facts are based on reading the materials given our students to read. The results of this indoctrination are astounding. I have a photograph of one student of this program carrying a sign and protesting recently. The sign held by this student shouts in bold letters: "Dumb F*** Gringos. You Are Standing in Mexico Right Now!" Anyone who does not believe that racism, hatred, apartheid, and Marxism are being actively promulgated in these programs should think again. Every Arizonan should take the time to evaluate exactly what is being taught our children, with taxpayer money, in these Ethnic Studies programs and MecHa.

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Re: TUSD Ethnic Studies: A Report of My Review of Textbooks and Program

BE THERE!!!!!!!
January 25, 2011
3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. around 5:30 meeting will start
Holding meeting here to minimize attendence
Santa Rita High School
3951 S. Pantano Road
Tucson, Arizona 85730
Hungry Eagle Dining Room
more in fo AT
HB2281, Ethnic Studies, and the Diversity Deficit: I don’t want God or politics in our public schools
Grest piece on HB2281

By John on  1/23/2011 6:51 PM

Re: TUSD Ethnic Studies: A Report of My Review of Textbooks and Program

John - really good review of TUSD program. This is a sad state of affairs. TUSD has had some great students - one of them became the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard. Today, it would seem they are wrapped in biased politics. The voters in Tucson need to take back their school board and school district.

By Jon Altmann on  1/23/2011 7:28 PM

Re: TUSD Ethnic Studies: A Report of My Review of Textbooks and Program

In light of all the work you have done on this issue, you might appreciate this video of two amazing Tucson women who stood up and spoke out about TUSD's Raza Studies.

By LH on  2/12/2011 5:03 PM


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By Books and Manuals on  4/6/2011 6:28 PM

Re: TUSD Ethnic Studies: A Report of My Review of Textbooks and Program

Dear Mr. Munger,
Thank you for stepping forward to protect our freedom and sovereignty. You state your case very well. In addition to what you have said - It is a very sad day to see Reading, Writing, Arithmetic & Science play a back seat to these political agendas & the polluting of children's minds.

Please check out 10 years of my condensed reference notes for all to see (what took me 10 years) is ready for all to learn in less than 10 sessions at their computer. Please share with others! It's not in the news! And, it's going to happen if we don't do our civil duty to stop it. Every one needs to stand up to this agenda if "WE" don't want it to rule over our lives. This is a defining moment in history. We must rule over it before it rules over us as Tyranny.

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By CAJeffO on  5/25/2011 9:16 AM


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Re: TUSD Ethnic Studies: A Report of My Review of Textbooks and Program

Very good information but VERY difficult read without formatting. A few paragraphs would do wonders for the readability

By Jim Sanchez on  5/31/2011 6:21 AM

Re: TUSD Ethnic Studies: A Report of My Review of Textbooks and Program

Thank you John, for your article and research on the Mehca and LaRAza classes being taught at TUSD. Clearly, the school board needs to be re-vamped and certain members terminated from their duties. I think that all schools in Arizona needs their classes and teachings investigated to make sure this isn't being taught there too. This is America and at least we can expect respect in the teachings of our children..La Raza doesn;t teach anything but hatred, anarchy and falsities to breed distrust and hatred..

By Laura on  6/16/2011 8:30 AM

TUSD Ethnic Studies: A Report of My Review of Textbooks and Program

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Re: TUSD Ethnic Studies: A Report of My Review of Textbooks and Program

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By Captain Cook on  10/13/2011 3:31 AM

Re: TUSD Ethnic Studies: A Report of My Review of Textbooks and Program

The educational program should be tested and examined by professionals. The youth is the future in the end and we can not risk that this issue becomes a bigger issue nationswide.

By Pierre Roule on  10/15/2011 12:57 PM

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Re: TUSD Ethnic Studies: A Report of My Review of Textbooks and Program

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Re: TUSD Ethnic Studies: A Report of My Review of Textbooks and Program

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New at ImagineArizona! Minimize
Health care reform Arizona can tackle

By: John F. Munger

August 28, 2009 - 4:22PM

Regardless of federal actions, Arizona can be a national model for health care reform.

By simply fixing what needs to be fixed, and not creating huge bureaucracies, bankrupting the state, or intervening between doctors and patients, we can solve the principal problems of rising costs of care and accessibility of care for all.

First, to finally control costs we must reinvigorate consumer cost decision-making, which is the most fundamental pressure favoring lowering costs. Medical consumers make few cost decisions and simply pass the medical bill to their insurer. Yet, in medical procedures for which consumers are compelled to make cost decisions for medical care that is not generally covered by insurance, such as for corrective laser eye surgery or cosmetic surgery, costs have dropped drastically in the last 20 years because of competitive forces.

The first steps

Arizona should empower consumer decision-making and competition in medicine. First, on the supply side we should allow Arizonans to competitively select any health insurance program available in any state, rather than limit Arizonans' choices to a few programs selected by our regulators. On the demand side, we should invigorate consumer decision-making by requiring that all medical and pharmaceutical providers quote their prices on a public Web site each month for public comparison.

Just as insurance companies give safe driving discounts and nonsmoking discounts, they will soon start to provide hot lines to help people select several reasonably priced alternatives for medical care or products as well as "good decision-making" discounts for insureds who act rationally in selecting reasonably priced care. Consumer choice will be enhanced. Prices will begin to decline.

In addition, Arizona should adopt a simple tort reform measure that, as with contract-related litigation today, requires that parties losing medical malpractice actions pay at least some reasonable portion of the winners' attorney's fees. Used by the English for centuries, this creates risk and causes all players to carefully analyze their case before they file, and would substantially reduce the number of frivolous medical malpractice actions, and medical costs, in Arizona.

Finally, Arizona could reduce medical costs by requiring that medical insurers give discounts to consumers who allow their medical records to be transmitted electronically via a secured system, thereby reducing costs of care. Again, no requirement - just a consumer option.

Reform the coverage

Adopting these three simple measures would drastically reduce medical costs. In turn, that would improve accessibility of medical care to more people. But we can easily do more.

Arizona should require that all insurance policies be portable and not tied to employment. We must allow individuals and associations to create groups in order to negotiate favorable health insurance not tied to employment.

We should require that all persons with pre-existing illnesses be accepted into medical insurance pools. Persons with pre-existing problems caused by their own lifestyles, such as obesity, smoking, dangerous activities or hobbies, or who repeatedly did not follow medical recommendations of their doctors, could be required to pay a limited additional premium for their lifestyle choices and the burden they cause to the health care system. But persons with pre-existing illnesses not based on lifestyle choices, and who follow reasonable medical directions, would not incur any additional premium.

Finally, we must assure that all those remaining who still cannot afford health insurance have easy access to our state Medicaid program and KidsCare for children. With both programs, the main problem is that people simply do not sign up until they need medical care - but, in reality, most do have coverage once they need it. But we must constantly re-evaluate our entry levels to assure fairness.

Arizona can solve the problems of rising health care costs and accessibility by simply fixing the problems that need to be fixed. Let's do it now!

John Munger of Tucson is the chairman of, a public policy organization that promotes solutions to Arizona's public policy issues.


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